Hester Sheehan, Research Scientist at Arctoris, reflects on her IP journey on World Intellectual Property Day.

Intellectual property protection (Image Credit)

Goodwin-Arctoris Drug Discovery Masterclass Recap

The Attrition Cliff for Drug Discovery: The FDA will approve less than 12% of the…

Dan Thomas, Head of Discovery Biology at Arctoris, discusses data precision and new partnerships in light of new global health challenges. This blog follows from Dan’s recent workshop at ELRIG UK.

Spot the difference between 1960 and 2021! Has anything changed in laboratories?

Poppy Roworth, Head of Laboratory at Arctoris, responds to the big question.

Running Laboratory Experiments: Manually versus Automated

Women of Arctoris reflect on their science idols and career journeys

Women of Arctoris got together for a photo together, and we hear there is also…

Arctoris’ co-founders, Martin-Immanuel Bittner and Tom Fleming look back on how Arctoris was born and how we got to where we are today.

Founded in Oxford in 2016, Arctoris is the next step in drug discovery data generation, offering fully automated Experiments-as-a-Service

Arctoris’ automated laboratory is based in Oxford, United Kingdom

Arctoris Ltd

We are the world’s first fully automated R&D platform generating drug discovery data on demand www.arctoris.com

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