Turning to Metadata to Ensure Reproducibility in Biomedical Research

How do we make sure we collect experimental metadata in a comprehensive and accessible way?

On the 22nd of October, alongside the UKRN, we co-hosted an online workshop From Data to Metadata: Ensuring reproducibility in biomedical research, focusing on the importance of and solutions for metadata collection in biomedicine. The workshop featured five talks covering different aspects of how to best support research reproducibility and which frameworks have been designed for experimental data collection so far. The event concluded with a panel discussion, where participants discussed their own experiences in implementing FAIR data practices and metadata capture.

The photo shows a woman, standing in the lab holding a vial. She is wearing blue lab coat, lab glasses. Event title is on it.
Figure 1. Professor Susanna-Assunta Sansone’s definition of FAIR Principles. See her presentation slides here. Copyright: Susanna-Assunta Sansone.
The figure contains a timeline with milestones from the FAIRification prcess.
Figure 2. The FAIRification process from the FAIR Cookbook. Copyright: the FAIR Cookbook.

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